For many people, when it comes to tea, the flowing water stops. It is a beverage that we love to consume at any time of the day. So much so that, according to research, tea has been the most consumed beverage after water. So, which is the most consumed black tea or green tea? Of course, black tea. Unfortunately, green tea is not as popular as black tea. Do you know what are the differences between these two types of tea? Let’s see what is the difference between black tea and green tea.

In fact, both are produced from the same plant. The difference between black tea and green tea comes from the stage of making. The leaves collected in green tea production are dried, then steamed and fried without fermenting. In the production of black tea, the leaves are left to ferment. After that, the process continues in the same way. Therefore, green tea is defined as unfermented tea and black tea as fermented tea.

This difference resulting from the production process causes changes in the taste, aroma and color properties of teas. Also, while the leaves of the plant are green, the color of black tea is black because it is fermented. The difference between black and green tea is briefly as follows.