You may have seen that some of the potatoes on the market shelves are starting to turn green. Or you may have witnessed that the potatoes in the house turn green at times. Why does this green color seen in potatoes occur? Can you eat green potatoes?

This color change seen on the surface of the potato is due to the synthesis of chlorophyll. When potatoes are exposed to light for a long time, the yellow color starts to change towards green. This event is a natural process. Chlorophyll is a color pigment that gives green plants their color. It is not a harmful compound. In addition, the color change in the potato may be due to the presence of solanine. Light also causes the formation of solanine. Although light is necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll, it is not necessary for the formation of solanine. It only promotes its formation.

So, can you eat green potatoes?

The chemical compound called solanine causes poisoning when consumed above a certain amount. Therefore, green potatoes should not be consumed.

Solanine is not destroyed by cooking. To prevent greening, the potato must be stored in suitable conditions. Potatoes should be stored in a cool and dark place. In addition, such potatoes should not be bought during shopping.