Many people like foods made with the frying process. Therefore, it has become a technique that we use frequently in our kitchens. Of course, the fact that it is fast and simple has also increased the usability of this method. Do you pay attention to the oil you use while frying? For example, how many times do you use frying oils?

Due to the high temperature in the frying process, the water in the food evaporates. In addition, the activities of enzymes and microorganisms are largely destroyed. For these two reasons, fried products last longer. The fact that it lasts for a long time and is delicious also increases the use of frying.

So, what changes occur in the food during the frying process?

Fat is absorbed by food. That is, it penetrates the food. This adds flavor and texture to the food. In addition, because of browning reactions, changes in the color of the food are observed.

How many times should the oils used in frying be used?

It is one of the most asked questions: how many times should I use oil when frying? In frying oils used repeatedly; Due to the chemical change of oils, risky situations (substance with carcinogenic effect) occur. In addition, low quality products begin to be obtained in oils used for a long time.

The oil used in frying should be used at most 3 times. After each use, the oil should be filtered and the crumbs in it should be removed. And it should be stored in a cool and dark place after its mouth is closed airtight. The time between first use and reuse should not be long.

You can pay attention to these in the home environment, but the oils used in the places you eat out were probably used more than 3 times. With this in mind, I suggest you make your choice of food.