Vitamins are essential nutrients for our body. The function of each vitamin is different. In this content, let’s talk about vitamin B6, which is among the B group vitamins. What does vitamin B6 do? What are the benefits of vitamin B6? Which foods contain vitamin B6?

What does vitamin B6 do?

The other name of the vitamin we have mentioned is pyridoxine vitamin. It is soluble in water as it is among the B group vitamins. However, this group of vitamins is not stored in the body. In addition, this vitamin is sensitive to heat. In other words, when the food is cooked, the value of vitamin B6 decreases. Vitamin B6 functions as a coenzyme in the production of amino acids. It also plays a role in the communication of nerve cells.

What are the benefits of vitamin B6?

According to studies, for vitamin B6;

  • It is good for mental health
  • It is good for fatigue
  • The use of vitamin B6 prevents nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.
  • It is good for anemia problem


What foods contain vitamin B6?

After looking at the benefits of vitamin B6, let’s look at what foods we can get this vitamin from. We can take this vitamin with many foods. For example, egg yolk is a good source of pyridoxine. Apart from that, cereal products are also rich in this vitamin. There is something we should pay attention to here. During the refining process applied to refined grains, some losses occur in this vitamin. In addition, no additions are made to the product. Therefore, we should prefer whole grain foods to benefit from the benefits of vitamin B6. In addition to these, foods such as meat, chicken, liver also contain vitamin B6.

With an adequate and balanced diet, we can meet our body’s need for vitamin B6. Individuals with vitamin B6 deficiency may also experience some discomfort. You can get information about the subject by getting the support of an expert on this subject.