In this article, I would like to talk about the carrageenan additive used in foods. You can see this additive in many products. ‘What is carrageenan? Why is it used? What is the amount of use in foods?’ I tried to answer questions such as. First, let me briefly describe what it is. Carrageenan, or E407, is a polysaccharide obtained from red seaweed.

What is E407? Carrageenan E407 Usage Purpose and Types

It is generally used in foods due to its thickening properties. Thanks to the flexible structure of its molecules, it can form gels with different properties. It has three varieties: kappa, iota, and lambda.

Kappa carrageenan forms a hard and durable gel form. The iota form creates an elastic and water-retaining gel structure. Lambda carrageenan is also used in cases where a very good viscosity is required, which does not show gel properties.

Apart from the food sector, it is used in the cosmetics, pharmacy and textile sectors. It also has a wide range of uses in foods. It can be used in products such as milk desserts, ice cream, chocolate milk, meat products, sauces, puddings. The designated E code is E407.

Its use is a controversial additive. Some researchers say it is harmful, while others say it is not harmful. Food additives is always a topic where opposing views abound. You can decide what to consume or not to consume by gaining the habit of reading labels.