Drying and freezing food are the most common food preservation methods. Do you know the freeze drying method used in both processes? This method is used in products such as instant coffees (soluble coffee, instant coffee mixes, etc.), instant soups, milk powder.

What is freeze dry?

The process of preserving foods is done for purposes such as providing practicality in use, consuming products that are not in season. The methods used for this purpose have different effects on foods. The basic principle of the freeze drying method is to reduce the water in the food to a minimum level and to ensure that it lasts longer. The more water in the food, the more susceptible it is to spoilage. With this technology, the amount of water in the food is reduced by 97%. In this case, the shelf life of the food increases.

For the freeze-drying process, the foods first go through some preliminary preparations such as washing, sorting and chopping. Then, the first freezing process is applied to the food. Then, the drying process, called the first drying, takes place. At this stage, the water content in the food decreased by 90-95%. A second drying process takes place to further reduce the water content. After this situation, the water content of the food decreases by approximately 97%.

Are the products produced by the freeze-drying method healthy?

The freeze dry method applied to foods is the most reliable among drying methods (such as sun drying, oven drying). During the processes applied in other drying methods, serious losses are experienced in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In freeze drying, almost 97% of the nutritional value of the food is preserved in its fresh state. In addition, the loss of taste and aroma is also minimal. Thanks to its low water content, food can be stored for a long time.