Storing foods in different ways goes back many years. Preserving food provides us convenience and benefits. First, it facilitates the out-of-season consumption of food. It extends the shelf life of foods. Apart from that, it provides practicality in terms of use. It helps prevent quality problems. There are many food preservation methods used for this purpose.

What are the most used food preservation methods?

  • Cold storage
  • Freeze preservation
  • Preservation by drying
  • Preservation with heat treatment
  • Protection with chemical preservatives
  • Preservation with rays

Preservation by cooling: It is a method based on slowing down the activities of microorganisms. Food is stored in cold conditions above freezing. It shows a short-term effect. Ambient temperature must be above freezing point.

Freezing preservation: It is a method based on freezing the water that can be used by the microorganisms in the foodstuff. The nutritional values ​​of vitamins in the product are significantly preserved. It is a long-term preservation method. The cold chain is important in the transportation of foods stored with this technique.

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Preservation by heat treatment: microorganisms found in food are destroyed by heat treatment. Canning is an example of this.

Preservation by drying: it is based on the evaporation of most of the water contained in the food, thereby limiting the environment in which microorganisms can live.

Preservation with chemical preservatives: It is the method in which food is preserved by adding chemical preservatives. Microorganisms can be reduced or killed depending on the type and amount of chemical used.

Radiation shielding: method based on the application of ionizing energy. It is applied to packaged foodstuffs.

The most used preservation methods are as follows. Which method do you prefer the most preserved foods? You can write in the comment section.