Freeze preservation is one of the most widely used preservation methods. When we look at the reasons for this, we can first count the long-term storage of foods. Then, I guess, it’s practical to use. So, do you think frozen foods are safe?

Freezing food is a safe method. It is the method that causes the least loss in the nutritional value of the food. There are points to be considered in order to preserve the food for a long time and to preserve its nutritional value. One of the most important points is the raw material. A fresh raw material that has not lost its nutritional value should be used. In addition, a suitable pre-preparation and freezing process should be carried out under appropriate conditions.
Freezing the food at a temperature of -18 °C prevents the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. (Water must be in liquid form to be used by microorganisms.) With re-dissolving, these bacteria can become active. And it can continue to multiply. For this reason, do not refreeze the foods you have taken out of the freezer after thawing them. A risky situation occurs in terms of food safety.

The freezing method is widely used in products such as fruits and vegetables, pizza, puff pastry, and seafood. There is no need to use additives for frozen products. Because with a good raw material, suitable freezing process and appropriate storage conditions, frozen products can be safely stored without spoiling. There may be the use of additives in products that are frozen after processing. You can see this if you examine the label information while purchasing the product. I hope you have been able to get an answer to the question ‘are frozen foods safe’ in your mind.