Frozen foods are frequently used today. Therefore, we can say that the variety of frozen food in the markets has increased. At this point, many people are wondering if it is safe to consume frozen food. You can read our article on this subject here. Storage conditions are important for frozen foods. Because factors such as the quality of the food and nutritional values ​​in frozen products are closely related to the storage conditions. Let’s see what we should pay attention to when buying frozen food. In this article, I would like to talk about what to consider when buying frozen food.

  • The temperature of the fridge with frozen products should not be low. If it is low, product dissolution may occur.
  • Check the shelf life and expiry date before purchasing the product.
  • Try not to buy products with ice crystals on them. Likewise, products with damaged packaging (torn or locally softened) should not be taken.
  • If the product you have purchased is a meat product, products with color changes should not be preferred.
  • Buy frozen products at the very end of the shopping. In this way, you prevent the disintegration that may occur while you are wandering around the market. In addition, when going home – if the period is long – you should carry it in heat protective containers or bags.
  • When you go home, if you are not going to consume it immediately, you should put it in the freezer. Thawed products should not be refrozen.

Freezing of food is the method of preservation in which the nutritional value is most preserved. Of course, the nutritional value here is the preparation of the frozen product, its correct storage, etc. closely related to such matters. Therefore, we should be careful when buying and using these types of products.